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Wattle’s Book Part 10

June 14, 2007

Chapter 9 How To Use The Will To set about getting rich in a scientific way, you do not try to apply your will power to anything outside of yourself. You have no right to do so, anyway. It is wrong to apply your will to other men and women in order to get them […]

Wattle’s Book Part 9

June 9, 2007

Chapter 8 Thinking in The Certain Way Turn back to Chapter 6 and read again the story of the man who formed a mental image of his house and you will get a fair idea of the initial step toward getting rich. You must form a clear and definite mental picture of what you want. […]

Wattle’s Book Part 8

June 3, 2007

Chapter 7 Gratitude The illustrations given in the last chapter will have conveyed to the reader the fact that the first step toward getting rich is to convey the idea of your wants to the formless sub- stance. This is true, and you will see that in order to do so it becomes necessary to […]

Wattle’s Book Part 7

May 25, 2007

Chapter 6 How Riches Come To You When I say that you do not have to drive sharp bargains, I do not mean that you do not have to drive any bargains at all or that you are above the necessity for having any dealings with your fellow men. I mean that you will not […]

Wattle’s Book Part 6

May 16, 2007

Chapter 5 Increasing Life You must get rid of the last vestige of the old idea that there is a Deity whose will it is that you should be poor or whose purposes may be served by keeping you in poverty. The intelligent substance which is all, and in all, and which lives in all […]

Wattle’s Book Section 5

May 12, 2007

Chapter 4 The First Principle in The Science of Getting Rich Thought is the only power which can produce tangible riches from the formless substance. The stuff from which all things are made is a substance which thinks, and a thought of form in this substance produces the form. Original substance moves according to its […]

Wattle’s Book Part 4

May 10, 2007

Chapter 3 Is Opportunity Monopolized? No one is kept poor because other people have monopo- lized the wealth and have put a fence around it. You may be shut off from engaging in business in certain lines, but there are other channels open to you. At different periods the tide of opportunity sets in different […]

Wattle’s Book Part 3

May 5, 2007

Chapter 2 There Is A Science of Getting Rich There is a science of getting rich, and it is an exact science, like algebra or arithmetic. There are certain laws which govern the process of acquiring riches, and once these laws are learned and obeyed by anyone, that person will get rich with mathematical certainty. […]

Wattle’s Book Part 2

May 3, 2007

The person who owns all he wants for the living of all the life he is capable of living is rich, and no person who has not plenty of money can have all he wants. Life has advanced so far and become so complex that even the most ordinary man or woman requires a great […]

Wattle’s Book Part 1

May 2, 2007

Author’s Preface This book is pragmatical, not philosophical – a practical manual, not a treatise upon theories. It is intended for the men and women whose most pressing need is for money, who wish to get rich first, and philosophize afterward. It is for those who want results and who are willing to take the […]