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Wattle’s Book Part 11

Chapter 10

Further Use of The Will

You cannot retain a true and clear vision of wealth if you
are constantly turning your attention to opposing pictures,
whether they be external or imaginary.

Do not tell of your past troubles of a financial nature, if you
have had them. Do not think of them at all. Do not tell of the
poverty of your parents or the hardships of your early life. To
do any of these things is to mentally class yourself with the poor
for the time being, and it will certainly check the movement of
things in your direction. Put poverty and all things that pertain
to poverty completely behind you.

You have accepted a certain theory of the universe as being
correct, and are resting all your hopes of happiness on its being
correct. What can you gain by giving heed to conflicting theories?

Do not read books which tell you that the world is soon com-
ing to an end, and do not read the writing of muckrakers and
pessimistic philosophers who tell you that it is going to the devil.
The world is not going to the devil; it is going to God. It is a
wonderful becoming.

True, there may be a good many things in existing conditions
which are disagreeable, but what is the use of studying them
when they are certainly passing away and when the study of
them only tends to slow their passing and keep them with us?

Why give time and attention to things which are being removed
by evolutionary growth, when you can hasten their removal only
by promoting the evolutionary growth as far as your part of it goes?

No matter how horrible in seeming may be the conditions in
certain countries, sections, or places, you waste your time and
destroy your own chances by dwelling on them.

You should interest yourself in the world’s becoming rich.
Think of the riches the world is coming into instead of the pov-
erty it is growing out of, and bear in mind that the only way in
which you can assist the world in growing rich is by growing rich
yourself through the creative method, not the competitive one.
Give your attention wholly to riches. Do not focus on poverty.
Whenever you think or speak of those who are poor, think and speak of them as those who are becoming rich, as those who are
to be congratulated rather than pitied. Then they and others will
catch the inspiration, and begin to search for the way out.

Because I say that you are to give your whole time and mind
and thought to riches, it does not follow that you are to be sor-
did or mean.

To become really rich is the noblest aim you can have in life,
for it includes everything else.

On the competitive plane, the struggle to get rich is a Godless
scramble for power over others, but when we come into the
creative mind, all this is changed. All that is possible in the way
of greatness, of service and lofty endeavor, comes by way of get-
ting rich, because all is made possible by the use of things. You
can aim at nothing so great or noble, I repeat, as to become rich,
and you must fix your attention upon your mental picture of
wealth to the exclusion of all that may tend to dim or obscure the

Some people remain in poverty because they are ignorant of
the fact that there is wealth for them, and these can best be taught
by showing them the way to affluence in your own person and
practice. Others are poor because, while they feel that there is a
way out, they are too intellectually indolent to put forth the men-
tal effort necessary to find that way and travel it. For these, the
very best thing you can do is to arouse their desire by showing
them the happiness that comes from being rightly rich.

Others still are poor because, while they have some notion of
science, they have become so swamped and lost in the maze of
theories that they do not know which road to take. They try a mix-
ture of many systems and fail in all. For these, again, the very
best thing to do is to show the right way in your own person and
practice. An ounce of doing is worth a pound of theorizing.

The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make
the most of yourself.

You can serve God and humanity in no more effective way
than by getting rich; that is, if you get rich by the creative method
and not by the competitive one.

Another thing. We assert that this book gives in detail the prin-
ciples of the science of getting rich, and if that is true, you do not
need to read any other book upon the subject. This may sound
narrow and egotistical, but consider: There is no more scientific
method of computation in mathematics than by addition, sub-
traction, multiplication, and division; no other method is pos-
sible. There can be but one shortest distance between two points.

There is only one way to think scientifically, and that is to think
in the way that leads by the most direct and simple route to the
goal. No one has yet formulated a briefer or less complex sys-
tem than the one set forth here. It has been stripped of all non-
essentials. When you commence on this, lay all others aside. Put
them out of your mind altogether.

Read this book every day. Keep it with you. Commit it to
memory, and do not think about other systems and theories.
If you do, you will begin to have doubts and to be uncertain and
wavering in your thought, and then you will begin to make fail-
ures. After you have made good and become rich, you may study
other systems as much as you please.

And read only the most optimistic comments on the world
news – those in harmony with your picture. Also, do not dabble
in theosophy, spiritualism, or kindred studies. Perhaps the dead
still live and are near, but if they are, let them alone; mind your
own business.

Wherever the spirits of the dead may be, they have their own
work to do, and we have no right to interfere with them. We
cannot help them, and it is very doubtful whether they can help
us, or whether we have any right to trespass upon their time if
they can. Let the dead and the hereafter alone, and solve your
own problem: Get rich. If you begin to mix with the occult, you
will start mental cross-currents which will surely bring your
hopes to shipwreck.

Now, this and the preceding chapters have brought us to the
following statement of basic facts:

There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which,
in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of
the universe.

A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imaged by the

A person can form things in his thought, and, by impressing his
thought upon formless substance, can cause the thing he thinks about
to be created.

In order to do this, a person must pass from the competitive to the
creative mind; he must form a clear mental picture of the things he
wants, and hold this picture in his thoughts with the fixed PURPOSE
to get what he wants, and the unwavering FAITH that he does get
what he wants, closing his mind against all that may tend to shake his
purpose, dim his vision, or quench his faith.

And in addition to all this, we shall now see that he must live
and act in a certain way.

The very best thing you
can do for the whole
world is to make the
most of yourself…. solve your own
problem: Get rich.

A person must not only
think, but his personal
action must supplement
his thought.

You must give every
person more in use
value than he gives you
in cash value.


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