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SGR Training System, What is it?


Your SGR Training System

More Powerful than Any DVD, Book, Seminar or Course…
Here’s What You Will Get

1. Never-Before-Recorded Audio Instruction

With this program, you will be one of the privileged few to get access to never-before-recorded audio instruction and summaries of lessons and observations from the Teachers Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield. This is 10 audio CDs jam packed with their tutelage.

2. Bob Proctor , Jack Canfield and Michael Beckwith always by your side.

We will also give you a compact digital MP3 player pre-loaded with 15-hours of content which means you will be totally immersed in the program IMMEDIATELY and CONSTANTLY to ensure you effect the Law of Attraction to bring you wealth EVERYDAY!

Immerse yourself anytime and anywhere! Listen anytime while in a bus, on a train, waiting in line, during lunch breaks, by the pool…

3. Tools To Help You Take Action and Keep It Going

15 Dynamic Lessons that capture specific teachings to help you further understand and implement the Law of Attraction as well as other Universal Laws. Clearly taught by Bob Proctor and Summarized by Jack Canfield.
Compact Personal Vision Boards for mapping out and envisioning the life you seek to attract.
Multiple Sources of Income (MSI) Whiteboards that motivate and inspire you to create New Channels of Wealth.
A Science of Getting Rich Goal Card – one of the primary foundational pieces in the absolute realization of your dreams.

4. New Opportunities, A Support System, Continuous Learning

$500 Gift Certificate to attend a live seminar worldwide to continue learning in a live seminar environment!

Instant and Global Connections for all your networking and connection needs. It’s online, active communities, masterminds, blogs and discussion boards that welcome your participation and insights as you grow through this tremendous process.
The Original Science of Getting Rich Book beautifully redesigned for this Briefcase, which means that ANYONE can master and internalize the wisdom of the ORIGINAL text without exception!

5. A Complete Training System in One Powerful Briefcase

A Rich, Supple Leather-Bound Briefcase specially designed to contain The Home Seminar Kit so that you can take it with you EVERYWHERE with no hassle.

ALL THIS Delivered to your doorstep.

Why This Has More Impact Than ANY Seminar You Can Ever Attend.
Most seminar of this type take place in a hotel over 2 – 3 days and cost an average of $2000 to $7500. But thanks to the marvel of modern technology, we’re distributing this priceless training as a complete home training system. You won’t have to patiently wait for Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield to make it to your area or pay hundreds for hotel and travel.

You won’t need to pay thousands of dollars to sit in a hotel room for 2 days, only to forget everything a week later.

You can carry the exact lessons with you ALWAYS and SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY. Help them learn how to use The Law of Attraction to manifest wealth!

You get not one, but TWO of the world’s experts in The Law of Attraction and wealth creation!

Priceless bonuses (read on to learn more)

This is What You’ve Been Waiting For.

A Complete System to Attract the Abundance that Most People Miss. And Attract the Life You Desire. Based on the Book that Inspired the Movie

The Special Bonus

Your Ticket to Multiple Streams of Income
One of the ways wealthy people get to earn and utilize their wealth is through the process of building multiple streams of income.
If you decide to take advantage of multiple sources of income, what you are about to learn is going to be of tremendous value to you.
Truly wealthy people educate themselves on income opportunities and open themselves up to receiving wealth from a multitude of sources – not just their day-to-day job.

Imagine if you could do the same.

You will feel more secure and free because you’re not tied to any ONE source of income.

You will also be better able to pursue your dreams, passions and goals because you have MORE TIME.

Many people think it’s normal to live day-by-day working a job that they have no passion for. Let me tell you that’s it is NOT normal. We are creative beings and we were put here to engage in creative activities that bring us joy.
Multiple Streams of Income hold the answer. Once you start effectively applying the Law of Attraction to bring more abundance into your life one of the quickest things you’ll notice is that opportunities start arising for you to earn extra money.
At first these may be just a few hundred dollars, but with continuous practice, applied thought and definite action you start seeing these amounts multiply – FAST.
The biggest, most generous source of alternate income for many people is the Internet. This modern marvel has indeed leveled the playing field and allowed millions to open businesses online selling goods and services that they are passionate about.

Your Bonus:

An “Out-of-the-Box”, Ready to Start, Internet Home Business a $3,000 value

We wanted the Science of Getting Rich Program to include a truly unique, valuable and powerful bonus gift. One of the Principles of the Law of Attraction is the importance of Taking Action towards your dream. This program allows you to take those first steps towards greater wealth.

A Bonus Training System 500+ Pages on Starting an Internet Business
Ready to Set Up Website, Templates, Autoresponder System and Affiliate System that Allows you to Immediately Earn Income Marketing The Science of Getting Rich Program.

Yes, We Said REAL Income

When You Purchase the Science of Getting Rich Briefcase you automatically receive access to the Premium Affiliate Membership Program. It is part of the SGR Briefcase and it is an optional benefit included for FREE. You may never choose to use this valuable option, you may always prefer to remain a customer to simply use the SGR Program for your own benefit. However, if at some future date you choose to add a new source of income (MSI), this Package comes with The SGR Briefcase for you to use. Let me explain…

The Premium Affiliate Membership includes a Bonus Online Website, Marketing Tools and a Comprehensive Internet Marketing Course from our partners at MindValley Labs.

Our affiliate program, modeled after Amazon.com allows you to earn generous commissions. The affiliate program is optional and free and does not require the payment of a registration fee or the purchase of a product.

You will be paid $500 for anyone who purchases the SGR Briefcase through your account. When someone buys from you, they also have the option of becoming a Premium Affiliate Members. These are called your Tier 1 Affiliates. When someone purchases through your Tier 1 Affiliate, you will receive an additional $250. They are called the Tier 2 affiliates.

Commissions are paid monthly.

You will not receive any commissions for sales generated beyond your Tier 2 Affiliates.

ANYONE CAN BE AN AFFILIATE FOR FREE! However, with the SGR Briefcase, you automatically get access to the Premium Affiliate Membership area. This is a special Bonus Gift that includes a complete suite of tools that will make it tens of times easier to generate affiliate commissions.

Here’s What You Get as Part of the Bonus…

Your Very Own Online Marketing Campaign is designed by eCommerce specialists, MindValley Labs. This campaign includes…

Your own fully customizable website, with your own name!

Instead of just Standard Affiliate Links, you will get instant access to a fully-customizable premium affiliate website. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you can design this website without any technical help!

Professionally crafted sales copy!

Your own website comes pre-loaded with professionally written copy that is designed to sell. MindValley Labs will consistently tweak and optimize the sales copy to convert visitors into sales for you!

Lead Capturing FREE SGR Lessons & Auto-responder!

Just send visitors to your website so they can subscribe to 7 FREE powerful Science of Getting Rich Lessons. We will send the lessons to your leads and share the value of the program with them on your behalf. All this is run on auto-pilot!

Comprehensive Online Promotion Tools!

As a Premium Affiliate, you can drive traffic to your site easily, using a comprehensive range of online affiliate marketing tools including pre-designed banner ads, text ads, email and forum signatures, pre-written blog and ezine posts, pre-formatted direct email system, testimonial exchanges and much much more! These tools are continuously being upgraded and enhanced and you will get unlimited access to all future updates!

Coaching Calls with Secret Teacher – Bob Proctor!

As a Premium Affiliate you will also get access to participate in exciting weekly conference calls with Bob Proctor free for 3 months ($15.00 per mo thereafter). Bob will assist you in developing a better understanding of the many exciting principles of The Science of Getting Rich Program.

A Private Network of other PREMIUM members to create opportunities together, learn and earn!

Get access to an exclusive network of other positive individuals, affiliate marketers, and industry experts in our private affiliate forum. Get tips on successful affiliate marketing, and network with like-minded individuals.

Start Your Own Internet Business With A Comprehensive Online Marketing Course!

As a Premium Affiliate member, you will get access to a full online course on Internet marketing, written by MindValley Labs. This comprehensive marketing course covers everything you need to know to be successful online including tips on how to generate website traffic, crafting online sales copy, building trust with your site visitors and automating your site!

Offline Tools For Face-to-Face Introductions

Help is not only online… you will get promotional material and how to guides to help you effectively share The Science of Getting Rich Program wherever you go.

A Dedicated Team to Help with Website Maintenance and Customer Support

We’ve done all the hard work for you. Tools to help you introduce people to your website. Sales copy and FREE lessons to convert site visitors to customers. And we even take care of pre- and post-purchase customer support! You will never find a single affiliate membership like this.

How Much Is This Worth?

Imagine if you had to do all this work yourself? Get web hosting, hire web designers, sales copywriters, buy software, manage customer support… the Premium Affiliate Membership will allow you to get started in minutes and will save you countless of hours.

The ONE-PUSH button Premium Affiliate System is a $3,000 value that you get for FREE.

Taking part in the SGR Affiliate Program is entirely optional and completely FREE, but if you choose to promote The SGR Briefcase, then The Premium Affiliate Membership will help you get an excellent head start.

An opportunity like this is knocking on your door – The Science of Getting Rich will touch hundreds of thousands of lives. Will it change yours?

The Science of Getting Rich Briefcase is about Laws and those that understand, obey, and use the Laws will be able to attract unlimited prosperity and abundance into their life.

We’re putting the Law of Attraction into action. You desired Greater Abundance, and The Science of Getting Rich Briefcase will show you how.

Ask Yourself – What Brought You Here?

Perhaps you received an email that caused you to click on a link that lead here.

Perhaps a friend forwarded this to you.

Perhaps you stumbled upon this by sheer coincidence.

You can be sure of one thing – many stumble upon this site through the Law of Attraction. If you’ve been looking for a way to improve your finances, attract wealth, get out of debt or help a loved one pull themselves out of a rut – You’re in the right place.

The Law of Attraction Says:

Ask for that which you desire.

The Answer will to come to you.

Receive the Answer – When You get an Inspired Opportunity, Act on It.

You must ask yourself this — you are at this present moment reading this for a reason. What have you asked the universe for? A solution to your financial concerns? Perhaps a friend directed you to this website, perhaps you wondered in here totally by coincidence, or is it?

The Universe has answered your deepest desire.

It’s time for you to take action. Are you ready to RECEIVE your answer?


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